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Group Classes and Workshops
Music classes and programming for all ages
Sunday August 22 at 11:30am at The Rehearsal Factory

Quality music lessons in downtown Toronto.

Professional instruction in Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Piano, Drums, Voice, String, Wind and Brass instruments. Rock Bands, Ensembles, Access to a professional Recording Studio.

Private Lessons

One-on-one lessons with our experienced teachers are the quickest way to improve your skills


Music Theory Level 1, Course at Toronto Guitar School

The most cost-effective way to learn an instrument. Classes are limited to 6 people

Rock Bands

Rock Band lessons at Toronto Guitar School

In our RockBands and ensembles, students develop musically by playing with others


Music and Voice Workshops at Toronto Guitar School

We offer free student concerts, masterclasses and other music events year round

What our students say

  • Joined the Toronto Guitar School after researching different options, as I was looking for opportunities to learn and play the guitar more. There are a variety of classes including drop-ins, which make it convenient for people with flexible schedules. The classes I have taken at this school are excellent! Guitar instructors KC and Scott strike a great balance of explaining technique and getting us to play, so with every class you will feel yourself getting better. Glen, who manages the school and also teaches (vocals, other instruments) is welcoming and genuinely interested in helping people learn. Together, they make learning music (guitar for me) interesting, fun and achievable for their students.

    Malora Fernandes
  • I absolutely LOVE this school. These guys deliver in every possible way: quality of instruction, pricing, vibe, atmosphere. I am so lucky to have found this school. If you want to learn to play or improve your guitar playing, sign up now - no more excuses. These guys are the real thing!

  • I am really impressed with the enthusiasm, energy, and passion of the teachers. I started classes this fall with Andre who really makes learning fun, interesting and challenging. Its great learning to play with others in the group class, and everyone gets individual attention too. Love this school and highly recommend it!

    Priya Mathur
  • Amazing experience thus far!! You get to learn from people on the music scene, a very hands on approach!! If your looking for specific skill sets just let them know and they do everything they can to accommodate your request! Glen is a great facilitator and listener. Give the school a try!!

    Rebecca Nazareth
  • I've attended the ukulele, songwriting and ensemble classes. Its been a lot of fun jamming with people and the teachers are very helpful to the students. I'm definitely looking forward to my next class. Great school. Highly recommended!

    Danny Ilu
  • The classes are small and instructive. The group is led by enthusiastic, well informed musicians (in our case Scott) who enjoy teaching and having fun with the class. Everyone is focused on the music and each week we take something away to improve our love of music and guitars.

    Doug Christie
  • I'm in the Ensemble class and have enjoyed every minute of it. Our teacher keeps us challenged and engaged with new pieces and provides constant support. My guitar soloing has improved 100% and keeps getting better. Love it!

    Richard S. Todd
  • Thank you Glen and everyone at the music school for hosting and running the guitar classes. The effort you put into creating a welcoming & encouraging space, have fantastic instructors, stay in touch with your student community, consider different needs, welcome suggestions, host socials and share the joy of musicianship - is very much appreciated! The teachers are very patient and enthusiastic in their teaching styles, breaking it down for beginners like myself. Because of these classes, I can now finger-pick Blackbird (yes the whole song!), the riffs and chords to Brown Eyed Girl, Wish you were here, play the 12 bar blues AND I picked up a few strum patterns that I apply to other songs. I am seeing very tangible progress in my playing level and I look forward to learning more.

    Malora Fernandes

Toronto Guitar School – Private and Group Lessons

Why learn with us?

Great teachers matched to your learning style and interests

An inspiring and skilled music instructor makes all the difference. Each of our instructors has been carefully selected, holds either a university degree or college diploma in music, has extensive professional performance experience and has years of teaching experience. Want to specialize in a particular style? We have a specialist in your style – contact us to ask about your style and your goals.

Access to professional recording studio

Do you dream of recording your own music? All our students have special access to our professional recording facilities during the course of their studies. Also take part in recording workshops including live sound, microphone technique, mixing, music theory, songwriting, recording basics, and studio production techniques.

Convenient locations, parking and in-home lessons

Parking can be a pain in Toronto. Free parking saves you time and money. Convenient locations also give you the opportunity to take transit, bicycle, or walk. Lessons can be taught at any one of our Toronto locations or in the comfort of your own home.

We’re there for you 7 days a week

Do you have a hectic schedule? No problem, we’re available every day of the week. We will find an instructor who can accommodate your schedule and help you achieve your musical dreams.

Access to workshops, seminars, open houses, performance and recording opportunities

We’re not just a music school. We’re a music community! Mint Music (Parent Company of the Toronto Guitar School) offers numerous workshops, open houses and performance and recording opportunities. Develop your skills and confidence and interact with an exciting and inspiring group of fellow musicians.

Leader in environmental sustainability

Mint Music is powered by 100% renewable sources through Bullfrog Power. For nearly 20 years we have been being actively involved in supporting numerous environmental and social causes. We think it is important to build sustainable environmental incentives, so if you choose to leave your car at home and take the TTC, bike, or walk to your lesson we offer up to a $5 rebate.

Superior customer service

You are never just another number at the Toronto Guitar School. You always get individual attention from music experts who will take the time to listen – we want to make sure you get exactly what you need. If you are not completely satisfied with our services, your money is refunded – no questions asked.

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