About Us

Founded in 2014 the Toronto Guitar School employs only the best music educators and professional musicians Toronto can offer. Our teachers are specially selected by Toronto Guitar School founder Glen Alan and the school prides itself in offering the most enjoyable, rewarding and professionally conducted musical experience possible.


Humble Beginnings

Toronto Guitar School began with just one guitar instructor teaching a single guitar class once a week but now has grown to employ many part-time instructors offering private one-on-one lessons, ensembles and classes every day of the week. Together with Mint Music, our parent music school, every student has access to over 30 highly qualified music instructors specializing in every major instrument.


Expert Instruction

This expertise is important because we know that the best instruction comes from expert performers! We also know that teaching is an art and skill all its own, which is why our teachers also have the experience and qualifications of exceptional educators. Here at Toronto Guitar School, we only offer the highest quality lessons taught by experienced performers and educators. You can be confident that you are learning from the best.


3 Locations to Serve You

We take pride in having built an award-winning music school with 3 convenient locations in the GTA, making it easy for you to find the right time and place for your musical education.


A Musical Community

At Toronto Guitar School we are all active performers and educators, so we know how exciting it is to be able to share your musical growth with others. That is why we place a special emphasis on helping students to learn along with a community of musicians. Apart from the best professional individual music lessons, you can participate in our ongoing series of special workshops, seminars, and open house performance opportunities.


Private Lessons for Most Instruments and Musical Skills

Toronto Guitar School also offers individual music lessons in bass, cello, clarinet, drums, flute, french horn, electronic keyboard, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, piano, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, ukulele, violin, viola, and voice training (classical vocal, classical Indian vocal, jazz vocal, pop vocal, music theatre vocal, etc). The Mint Recording Studio also offers individual music lessons in Ableton, Cakewalk, Cubase, studio engineering, FL Studio, Logic, mixing, Protools, and much more.

Skilled and experienced teachers

The right teacher can have a huge effect on learning any instrument; on your progress, success and also on how much you enjoy your sessions. We make our teachers go through a rigorous selection process so you don’t have to! Rest assured that all our teachers are masters of their instrument, active in the Toronto music scene and excellent motivators. If you’ve tried other music schools, we’re pretty sure you’ll see a difference right away.

What if I don’t click with my teacher? Well, it doesn’t happen often, but we have a group of skilled music teachers and want to you to love coming in for your lessons. We’ll find the right match for you.