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There are proven benefits of music education for both children and adults, however there are unique advantages to playing in ensembles or bands that cannot be gained from individual lessons or certain group classes!

In adulthood joining an ensemble or band- even casually- provides social interaction that can be difficult to forge outside of work as we age. Regular social activity has a myriad of benefits for our mood and overall health, allowing us to live longer and more active lives long into retirement. Having a creative outlet is a great stress remedy and playing together provides a break from daily routines and worries. Collaborate, create, and improve alongside other individuals passionate about the same things you are. Learning to play music with accompaniment further improves your timing, pace, and technical skills.

For children learning to play in a band or ensemble can have huge rewards! Group playing fosters the ability to work and collaborate with others, take turns, to give and receive constructive feedback, and builds crucial social skills. Working with others towards a common goal or purpose is an ability they can take into adulthood that will help them succeed whatever they do. Playing in an ensemble reinforces what your child has learned in their private lessons, seeing how the foundations they’ve studied can be used can motivate them to improve and keep studying.


Most of all playing in a band or ensemble is fun, whether you’re six or sixty!

For more information about our Rockbands and Ensembles click here.

We have places for any age of musician, skill level, or instrument!



Research Suggests a Positive Correlation between Social Interaction and Health“- National Institute on Aging.


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