Date(s) - 14/03/2019
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Mint Music Yonge & Dundas



Course Description:

RockBand Group B – This intermediate ensemble rehearses every Thursday at 7:30 pm.

Our RockBand program offers students a unique opportunity to play in a band setting, acquiring essential musical skills that can only be learned by playing individual parts in a group. RockBand participants must go through an audition process where they are assessed by a Toronto Guitar School instructor before being placed in an appropriate RockBand that matches their stylistic interest and skill level.

The Toronto Guitar School has Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level RockBands that rehearse on different days of the week depending on the availability of the members of each RockBand and their instructor. Each group normally consists of a drummer, bassist, two guitarists, a vocalist and keyboardist. RockBands rehearse on a weekly basis and perform three times a year at our student concerts which are often professionally recorded and videotaped. Certain RockBands will also have opportunities to perform at other Toronto venues and events and record at Mint Music’s recording studio!

This Rockband is led by Toronto Guitar School bass instructor George Chenery and professional drummer Paul McNamara who has played with Sir Paul McCartney!

George Chenery Bio
Paul McNamara Bio

This RockBand session lasts 8 weeks and costs $30 per class provided participants prepay for the entire session in advance which costs $280.

Once the RockBands have started you may try out any group if there are open positions available for a fee of $25-$35, depending on which RockBand they choose to attend. New members must complete a short complimentary audition 10-15 minutes beforehand with a Toronto Guitar School music teacher or come to our RockBand Auditions at:

7 pm on Thursday, January 10th at 116 Bond St.

We will notify you by phone or email about your placement.

All RockBand members expected to attend all weekly rehearsals and if they happen to miss an occasional class they should continue to work on the material covered in the class they missed (recordings and charts will be sent via email and/or Dropbox) so they can come prepared for their next weekly session. It is up to each member to make sure that they attend each class and keep up with the workload. If a member doesn’t keep up with practicing, or consistently misses rehearsals and/or shows up late, they may be taken out of the RockBand if their behaviour becomes disruptive to the groups’ progress.

Missed classes will not be refunded because the group will rehearse each week regardless. Every RockBand is supervised by a Toronto Guitar School instructor who oversees each session preparing charts and working out the parts with the members of the RockBand. Song selection, overall group direction and focus is up to the members of the group and their instructor.

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