Neil Quin

Neil Quin is one of three singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalists in Toronto-based rock band Zeus. Since 2008, Zeus released three albums on the […]

Bernard Julien

With extensive Live Performance & International Touring experience with major label artist(s), Bernard Julien embraced Pop music at an early […]

Carlin Nicholson

Carlin Nicholson is a Canadian mixing/mastering engineer, producer, and songwriter based out of Toronto, Ontario. He has been a studio […]

Phil Radu

Phil’s musical journey began at age 9, he and his brother would rent instruments and practice for hours on end. […]

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott is a touring/recording drummer and percussionist based out of Toronto. He graduated from the University of North Texas […]

Mark Ritter

Mark Ritter is a Toronto based guitarist, teacher and composer. He is a graduate of Humber College where he obtained […]