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Paul showing the fun side of the sax

This 2-hour workshop which took place on Saturday November 2nd, 2019 was specially designed for anyone interested in learning saxophone, flute, clarinet, oboe, or bassoon, as well as any music teacher curious about how to teach woodwinds. Paul Carter, a Woodwind Doubler and Mint Music Instructor, started the seminar by introducing each instrument and gave demonstrations on what makes each of them unique (dynamics, range, how they are made, what gives them their sound, etc…) and why they are fun to play. Most importantly, volunteers from the audience were given an opportunity to experience demo lessons taught by Paul.

Drawing on his extensive teaching and musical experience Paul showed that there’s simply nothing that should hold anyone back from playing any woodwind regardless of age or prior musical experience. Paul also explained the differences between instruments in embouchure, hand position, posture and breathing. For music teachers a variety of teaching methods, approaches and solutions to common teaching challenges specific to woodwinds was covered.

After the presentation and demo lessons Paul opened the floor to questions from the audience about woodwinds, lessons and music in general. The masterclass ended with an overview of what individual lessons, ensemble and band options exist at The Toronto Guitar School and Mint Music who were co-sponsors of this event and where Paul is an instructor. We are planning more of these special woodwind masterclasses which are guaranteed to inspire and enlighten potential students and music teachers alike with a fresh and innovative approach to teaching woodwinds.

Bio: As an award-winning multi-instrumentalist specializing in saxophones, flutes, clarinets, oboe, and bassoon, Paul Carter has played in dozens of musical theater pits across the country. Some of his credits include: The Producers, Chicago, Annie, West Side Story, Mary Poppins, and The Phantom of the Opera. Paul has performed alongside Grammy award-winning musician Cleo Laine, jazz legend Benny Golson, and has recorded for eight time Academy Award winner Alan Menken. He teaches Classical, Jazz, Blues, Pop, and Rock in many schools, music camps, community programs, and studios in Toronto and Montreal. Paul uses gentle encouragement and various practice techniques and exercises to push his students to be the best they can be on their instruments. With his extensive musical knowledge and passionate instruction, he inspires his students by introducing them to new styles, teaches them how to express music beyond just playing notes, and most importantly how to actually have fun while practicing.

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