The Toronto Guitar School offers a variety of group music lessons, RockBands and Ensembles to provide our students with the opportunity to further develop their musical experience and skills. There are others whom, due to financial constraints, take group lessons as their primary method of learning. If this is the case, please keep in mind although every effort is taken to ensure that our group lessons are taught at the highest standard possible, a classroom setting cannot compare to a private music lesson as the instructor’s attention is spread over many people. If you find that you are falling behind in your class, consider booking a private lesson with your instructor so that you can catch up to the rest of the group.


Small Class Sizes

Our group lessons are conducted in a small and intimate environment and we do our best to ensure there are no more than 6 students per class. It has been our experience in teaching thousands of group classes that limiting the size of our classes in this way allows us to deliver a higher quality musical education experience for all those that attend. On our Courses page you will find a complete listing of all the upcoming group lessons we currently offer, including our RockBand and Ensemble program. Although our RockBand and ensemble program is a type of group lesson, these types of classes are covered on our Rockbands page.

Guitar Class - Sunday March 1st 2014


Most of our group classes cost $25/person if you prepay in advance before the series begins. We allow people new to the Toronto Guitar School to attend up to the 3rd class of a new series. If you wish you can join the class for the remainder of the course by prepaying remaining classes. Although we have offered drop-in courses in the past we no longer offer them at the present time.



We accept cash, cheque and e-transfer payment methods.