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Guitar courses in downtown Toronto Guitar School

Toronto Guitar School is recognized as among the best schools to learn guitar, study with top guitar teachers, participate in bands and ensembles and develop skills to be competitive in the music industry, with 4 locations to serve you. You will enjoy our warm, friendly, personalized approach and will feel welcome and valued as an important member of our community of guitarists and musicians.

Our teachers genuinely care about your progress and will go beyond what many others do in order to help you achieve your goals. If at any point you have any concerns, we are truly motivated to resolve them to your complete satisfaction.

For beginner guitarists of any age our teachers have developed instructional methods that get you on the fast track to learning what you or your child want in an efficient way. We can also help you find a guitar and accessories through our many relationships with local music retailers. If you already have some basic knowledge and skills, we can work with you to expand on what you know, help you achieve new goals and find your unique style. Our teachers can also work with you as an advanced player to help you get your skills up to the next level through performance and recording opportunities.

All Ages, Levels and Styles

Lessons for Beginners

Whether you are the parent of a child looking for guitar lessons, a young person looking for lessons for yourself or an adult beginner, Toronto Guitar School is the best place to start your journey of learning guitar. Our teachers are passionate educators with a degree or diploma in music who have years of experience teaching beginners of all ages.

Prior to your first lesson we talk to you to get a clear idea of your musical experience, goals and interests which we then pass on to your teacher. If you’ve never played an instrument before, or don’t know if you should rent or buy a guitar, we can provide some expert advice. We have great relationships with local music retailers and guitar repair shops.

As a beginner, you are in good hands with a qualified Toronto Guitar School teacher!

You’ll start by learning the basics of everything, from how the guitar works, to tuning your guitar,  to how to play your first song in your first lesson! You will learn how to read music notation and guitar tablature (tabs), as well as how to play popular guitar riffs. You can even get started on learning your favourite songs – the ones you have been dreaming about being able to play! Your teacher will also show you tips and ways of learning that are fun, fast and efficient so you can reach your goals quickly. Our straight forward teaching approach will help you make the most of your personal practice time to get the results you want.

Learn to Play Right Away

Lessons for Advanced Guitarists

For advanced guitarists, the sky’s the limit in terms of how far you want to go with your studies and your playing. We will carefully match you with the right teacher that will be able to challenge you with new concepts and techniques that will take your playing to the next level. Not only that, but with opportunities to play in bands and record in a professional recording studio, you will be able to go all the way from great playing to a polished market-ready finished product.

For Intermediate players, you will learn new techniques and new repertoire to expand on the fundamentals you already know. Your teacher will help you develop a focus of activities based on your needs and preferences. Areas of study can include technique, theory, ear training, reading music, composition, more in depth study on melody, harmony, scales, improvisation, soloing, performance, or simply learning new songs that you have always wanted to play.

Lessons for Intermediate Guitarists

Lessons for Adults

classical guitar lesson

Adult learners have particular needs when it comes to learning guitar. Many are busy working people with limited time to devote to lessons and practice. That’s why we have developed a special system for adult learners that addresses these needs and makes the process of guitar studies fun and enjoyable even for the busy professional.

We understand that teenagers have particular interests and usually have a well developed sense of what music they like and want to play. Our teachers can cater to this age group by providing opportunities for them to learn their favourite songs and play with others their age in a group setting, whether it be a Guitar Ensemble or Rock Band. Apart from teaching foundational studies to establish musical understanding, our teachers are adept at encouraging students to reach higher levels of technical proficiency. Students will then often feel motivated to practice to learn new material that they can perform for friends and family.

Lessons for Teens

Lessons for Preschoolers

If you are a parent looking for guitar lessons for your young child, you’ve come to the right place. We have teachers that specialize in working with children as young as 3 years old, who can properly prepare youngsters for guitar lessons through fun and interactive musical activities designed especially for them. Most children under the age of 5 will thoroughly enjoy the fun musical activities our teachers engage them in and will be ready for dedicated guitar studies in due course. They will benefit greatly from our proven methods of music learning that will pave the way to more in-depth study on any instrument.

Andre Valerio, Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele Instructor at Toronto Guitar School
Guitar, Mandolin and Ukulele
Camila Snow, Guitar Instructor at Toronto Guitar School
Danny J Richardo, Guitar, Recording, Mixing Instructor at Toronto Guitar School
Guitar, Recording and Mixing
Dave Kirby, Guitar, Bass and Ukulele Instructor at Toronto Guitar School
Diego Madariaga, Guitar, Songwriting, Band, Recording, Mixing Instructor at Toronto Guitar School
Guitar, Songwriting, Recording and Mixing
Gaby Al-Botros - Classical Guitar Instructor at Toronto Guitar School
Classical Guitar
Glen Alen, Vocal, Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Songwriting Instructor at Toronto Guitar School
Voice, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele and Songwriting
Jack-James Lemaire, Bass, Band, Guitar, Ukulele Instructor at Toronto Guitar School
Bass, Guitar and Ukulele
Luis Medina, Classical Guitar Teacher at Toronto Guitar School
Classical Guitar
Majd Maary - Classical Guitar, Ukulele, Oud, Recording Instructor at Toronto Guitar School
Classical Guitar, Ukulele, Oud and Recording
Mark Ritter, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and Band Instructor at Toronto Guitar School
Guitar, Bass and Ukulele
Navid Niknejad, Guitar Instructor at Toronto Guitar School
Classical Guitar
Phil Radu, Guitar, Drums and Band Instructor at Toronto Guitar School
Guitar and Drums
Simon Farintosh, Guitar Instructor at Toronto Guitar School
Classical Guitar
Sol Younan, Guitar Instructor at Toronto Guitar School
Classical Guitar