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Our performance-based approach offers private music lessons, music band rehearsals, music classes, workshops, student concerts and performance opportunities for music students of all ages, levels and abilities. The Toronto Guitar School offers quality private music lessons in every major instrument including: guitar, piano, voice, drums, bass, ukulele, songwriting, theory, arranging, recording, mixing and production, saxophone, clarinet, flute, oboe, violin, cello, organ, trumpet and trombone.
Guitar Lessons at Toronto Guitar School

Guitar Lessons

Our guitar lessons are designed to provide all students at all levels the ability to play songs on guitar from day one. This approach is a fun way to learn guitar!


Ukelele Lessons at Toronto Guitar School

Ukulele Lessons

The ukulele has become hugely popular in the last decade and has gained status as a serious instrument that adds a new dimension to the sound of a song.


A close up of a bassist playing a white four string bass

Bass Lessons

From “slap” technique to funk, rock, blues and jazz, we have dedicated bass teachers who can help you reach your goals of laying down a solid groove in a band!


A pianists hands on the bottom keyboard of a stack of three electric pianos

Piano Lessons

Our piano and keyboard students have the opportunity to play in a band. We provide the best lessons in any style, including Royal Conservatory classical training.


Drum Lessons at Toronto Guitar School

Drum Lessons

We teach our drum students on professional stage quality acoustic drum kits and give them the opportunity to perform in a band as soon as possible!


A woman with a microphone, belting a song on stage

Vocal Lessons

Our vocal teachers focus on performance strategies for vocalists to captivate an audience and also provide a solid foundation in vocal and mic technique.


A close up of a clarinet with the rest of a horn section in the background

Woodwind Lessons

The Saxophone and Flute have become iconic instruments in popular music. Our teachers can also teach Clarinet, Oboe and any of the reed instrument family.


A close up of a baritone saxophone with the rest of a horn section in the background

Brass Lessons

The trumpet has ancient origins but is huge in popular music through bands like Tower of Power and Chicago. Learn to play like a pro with us!


A woman in a bandana playing cello on stage with dry ice smoke effect around her

Strings Lessons

Our string program allows violin, viola, cello and bass players to study technique privately and to perform as part of a classical, popular or jazz ensemble.


A songwriter, with guitar in lap and pen in hand, looking at a lyric sheet

Songwriting Lessons

Have you ever dreamed of writing a hit song? We have music producers and teachers who are qualified to show you what goes into hit songs!


A singer and guitarist on stage, going over sheet music in sound check before a show

Theory Lessons

A solid understanding of music theory and/or improvisation can be invaluable for today’s working professional musician. We can help you learn what you need to know!


Recording Arts Lessons at Toronto Guitar School

Recording Arts Lessons

You can learn everything you need to know about recording and mixing through our talented recording studio engineers, who work with some of the best!