We focus on delivering quality individual music instruction and will make sure you receive the highest quality of musical education that Toronto has to offer. 


Each Toronto Guitar School music instructor is carefully selected through a rigorous screening and interview process. Then you are matched with a teacher that best suits your learning style, personality and stylistic interests to ensure the best possible music instruction experience. All of our music teachers are professional musicians actively engaged in the music industry, hold a degree or diploma in music and have been teaching and performing professionally for at least 10 years. 


Some of our music lesson instructors have been nominated for and won Juno, Grammy, and other prestigious awards. Have a look for yourself by browsing our instructor profiles here.


Our performance-based approach offers private music lessons for every major instrument including:

One-on-one music lessons are the fastest and most effective way to make lasting progress on your chosen instrument. Our private music lessons allow our experienced teachers to give you their undivided attention, ensuring that you receive direct and focused feedback, personalised practice plans, as well as interactive technical and artistic instruction. 

Moreover, the rich student-teacher relationship fostered by these one-on-one sessions means that your lessons and feedback are tailored to your specific needs, goals and learning style, and are entirely led by your own preferred musical tastes and interests.


Our In-Person lessons occur mainly at our 116 Bond Street Location near Yonge and Dundas in the heart of The Toronto Metropolitan University. In-person lessons allow students to remain connected with our dynamic and supportive musical community while receiving personalised lesson plans and weekly instruction and encouragement from their private instructor.

Our lesson rooms are outfitted with PAs, and a full backline including amps, pedals, effects and cables to make things convenient. All guitarists, bassists, ukulele and string, wind and brass students are encouraged to bring their instrument to their lesson so the teacher can see you play on the instrument you will be practising at home on. Voice students should bring their own microphone while drum and piano students can use the drum kits, pianos and keyboards that are at the school.  



Our online lessons are taught through Zoom with instructors especially adept at teaching virtually. For those new to online lessons we offer a complimentary test session prior to your first lesson to ensure your computer settings and room environment(s) are optimised for the best quality sound and video allowing you to get the most out of your online lessons with your teacher.

Those that take online lessons from all over the world can remain connected with our music community through our online workshops, events, concerts and music courses that we offer from time to time. This additional school programming helps to build confidence, musicianship and maintain important social interaction and connection with others.  



We recognise that for some busy families and working professionals that live further away from the school, in-home lessons are an attractive and convenient option. Although we cannot always accommodate every request, we encourage you to contact us as it is much better to experience a high level of instruction with us and pay more in knowing that we have vetted quality teachers than taking the risk on an independent teacher with unknown qualifications. Like our online students, our in-home students who are based in Toronto are always encouraged to remain connected with the school through our in-person students concerts, workshops or recording studio services if applicable.