Dhaivat JaniDrums, Hand Drums, Drum Circle, Tabla, Rock Band, Recording, Mixing and Production Instructor

    Dhaivat Jani is a Toronto-based award winning drummer/tabla player and composer. A recent Bachelor of Music graduate from Humber College, Dhaivat’s artistic ventures include ‘Dhaivat Jani PLUS,’ a contemporary jazz ensemble, and ‘Electrio,’ an experimental/electronic jazz trio. Beyond his roles as a bandleader, Dhaivat serves as a sideman for various artists and bands as both a drummer and tabla player, his contributions extending to multiple cross-genre recordings.


    Originating from Ahmedabad, India, Dhaivat began his musical journey at age 5, playing Indian Classical music with a focus on the Tabla. By age 16 he had achieved Tabla Visharad garnering three gold medals. Driven by a passion for music production, he also pursued studies in sound engineering, venturing into film composition.


    One of the most recent standout collaborations in Dhaivat’s career is “Transmigrations,” a project conceptualised and executed in collaboration with software artist Ryan Kelln. This innovative endeavour, showcased at the Provocation Ideas Festival, delved into the history of technological transformation, the essence of intelligence, and the recent revolution in generative AI tools.


    In 2021, Dhaivat earned the Nuit Blanche Fellowship, followed by the Intercultural & Creative Music Fellowship with the Aga Khan Museum in 2022, both through Humber College’s Centre for Creative Business Innovation. Dhaivat has been awarded several scholarships and awards over the years. Some of which are CCRT Scholarship from Government of India, International Student Award for Excellence, Yamaha Music Canada Ltd. Award, Jazz. FM 91 Award and many more.


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