Diego MadariagaGuitar, Songwriting, Band, Recording and Mixing Instructor

    With over 20 years of musical expertise under his belt, Diego Mar has been captivating students with his passion for music for almost a decade. His holistic approach to teaching spans a diverse array of instruments, including Piano, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Drums, Music Production, and Audio Post.

    Diego’s teaching philosophy is grounded in a solid foundation of Music Theory, composition, and effective communication. He understands that every student is unique, and thus tailors his teaching methods to cater to the individual needs and learning styles of each student.

    Recognized as an esteemed instructor at prestigious music academies in Toronto. Diego’s educational reach extends far and wide. From schools and online platforms to private homes and his own music studio, he ensures that quality music education is accessible to all aspiring musicians.

    At the core of Diego’s mission is a commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a love for music in every student. His personalized study programs are designed to keep students engaged and motivated, while his extensive industry knowledge provides valuable insights for those aspiring to pursue a professional music career.

    Diego’s musical journey began with formal training at the Escuela Moderna De Música y Danza in Santiago de Chile, where he honed his skills in music theory, composition, and piano. Further studies at the 101 Training Center expanded his expertise in music production and studio recording techniques.

    In 2021, Diego further enriched his knowledge at the Harris Institute Of Arts in Toronto, delving into live sound, music business, contracts, concert promotion, and music marketing.

    As a versatile musician, Diego specializes in electric guitar and composition. His compositions have amassed thousands of streams, showcasing his talent and creativity to a wide audience. Diego’s performance experience includes prestigious shows such as the “Celebrate Toronto Rising Star” and “Sofar Toronto,” where he captivated audiences with his exceptional musical prowess.

    Diego’s mission is to get the best of his students. Always encouraging, supporting and guiding his students to discover the wonderful benefits of music.


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