Jack-James LemaireBass, Band, Guitar and Ukulele Instructor

    Award winning bassist and multi-instrumentalist Jack-James Lemaire has been playing and performing for over 17 years in the Toronto and Montreal music scenes. Known for his ability to be a “musical chameleon,” Jack has played and performed with musical groups in a variety of genres, including pop, folk, jazz, punk and more.


    Born in southern Quebec, Jack attended CEGEP Vanier in Montreal where he received a DEP in Professional Music and Song-writing Techniques. His passion for theory and performing brought him to Toronto to attend Humber College where he received a Bachelor’s of Music. During his time at Humber, he studied under Mike Downes, Pat Kilbride, and Rik Emmett, to name a few. He was in the top profile bands three of his four years at Humber and eventually was awarded the opportunity to tour and perform in Mexico with Hilario Duran.


    Jack’s ability to adapt to any musical environment has given him a robust career. His work with Toronto folk artist, Jeremy Voltz has won awards from Folk Ontario, Indie Gathering International Film Festival and Open World Toronto Film Festival. He has performed at Toronto Beaches Jazz Fest, SpringTide and has opened for The Arkells. He currently plays for some of the top wedding groups in Toronto as well as renowned fusion groups, Mike Murray and Yiannis Kapoulas, and up and coming local artists, Jeremy Voltz and pop act Lyzzie.


    With over 7 years of teaching experience, Jack’s compassionate and individualised approach to teaching emphasises his student’s unique learning styles and interests. Though primarily a bassist, Jack is an extremely competent guitarist and has led a number of guitar courses and rock bands with the school. An expert in beginner guitar instruction, he believes that learning should always be an enjoyable experience that uplifts students and promotes a sense of accomplishment. Out of the many group guitar courses and private lessons Jack has instructed at the school, his students always appreciate his positive and thoughtful approach to learning.


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