Toronto Guitar School is Hiring Guitar, Bass and Drum Teachers

Toronto Guitar School is hiring part-time guitar, bass and drum instructors to teach private lessons, classes, RockBands and ensembles at the Toronto Guitar School’s Yonge and Dundas location at 116 Bond Street.

Join a growing, dynamic and talented team of professional musicians and educators dedicated to providing students of all ages and levels with the best quality music educational experience possible through a highly interactive, carefully planned and goal-oriented music program.

Required Skills:

– Advanced level of performance proficiency plus a degree/diploma or equivalent industry experience in one or more of the following instruments:

1) Guitar (both electric and acoustic)

2) Bass (electric and acoustic)

3) Drums

– Ability to lead and instruct RockBands and ensembles consisting of 2 or 3 guitarists, 1 bassist, 1 drummer, 1 keyboardist and 1-3 vocalists and possibly other instruments.

– Strong guitar skills (both electric and acoustic) and good bass and drumming chops are required to instruct and lead RockBands and Ensembles regardless of instrument major.

– Strong tab, music notation and sight-reading skills are required.

– Should be adept at using an electronic notation program such as (Sibelius, Guitar Pro, Finale, Encore etc.) to create professional looking charts for private lessons, classes RockBands and Ensembles.

– Excellent communication, interpersonal and group leadership skills.

– Passionate at helping children, teens, and adults improve their overall musicianship and performance skills in a structured, supportive music education environment.

At the Toronto Guitar School, we specialize in offering a wide curriculum of quality group classes in addition to teaching private music lessons.

Our guitar classes, RockBands and ensembles cover the range of fundamental skills, styles, and techniques for beginner-to- advanced guitarists, all with a special focus on developing group performance skills. Students are also motivated by the opportunity to perform at the Toronto Guitar School’s school concerts that are held 3 times a year.

We are currently recruiting instructors who are able to teach high-quality group classes, a task which requires extra skills beyond those necessary for individual music lessons – an especially demanding experience, with class preparation and planning, group management skills, and administrative coordination capacities.


Required Experience:

– Minimum of 3-5 years teaching experience, developing customized lesson plans for individual beginner to advanced students to all ages.

– Experience teaching either group classes, workshops, or masterclasses

– Strong professional performance experience and teaching skills required

– Theoretical and practical knowledge of most major popular music styles (rock, jazz, pop, latin etc.)

– Guitar teachers must comfortable teaching both electric and acoustic guitar lessons and have access to both an electric and acoustic instrument. Same goes for bass instructors.

– degree or diploma in music performance and/or music education.

– able to produce professional looking tablature and lead sheets for weekly classes and lessons using an industry standard software notation program.

– strong independent administration and organizations skills.


Preferred Experience:

– Strong Vocal/Singing Skills

– Ability to play multiple instruments such as guitar, bass, drums and keyboards/piano.

– Prior Group, Class, Ensemble and Masterclass teaching experience

– Experience with curriculum development and a willingness to collaborate with the school director and other teachers in developing and modifying school curriculum.

– Proven successful track record leading masterclasses, ensembles, class and clinics.

– Able to offer specialized lessons, classes, and workshops in the areas of your expertise.

– Video links to live performances are helpful in determining applicants’ suitability for the position.


To apply please send your resume with a bio, cover letter, and colour photo to to the attention of the Toronto Guitar School director Glen Alan.

Compensation is $45/hour for RockBands, Ensembles and group classes and $35/hour for private lessons.


Please send a copy of your resume and cover letter to the Toronto Guitar School’s email address to the attention of the music school director Glen Alan.

116 Bond St, Toronto, ON M5B 1X8, Canada

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