I absolutely LOVE this school. These guys deliver in every possible way: quality of instruction, pricing, vibe, atmosphere. I am so lucky to have found this school. If you want to learn to play or improve your guitar playing, sign up now - no more excuses. These guys are the real thing! - Ana
Joined the Toronto Guitar School after researching different options, as I was looking for opportunities to learn and play the guitar more. There are a variety of classes including drop-ins, which make it convenient for people with flexible schedules. The classes I have taken at this school are excellent! The guitar instructors KC and Andre strike a great balance of explaining technique and getting us to play, so with every class you will feel yourself getting better. Glen, who manages the school and also teaches (vocals, piano, guitar, uke and songwriting) is welcoming and genuinely interested in helping people learn. Together, they make learning music (guitar for me) interesting, fun and achievable for their students. - Malora Fernandes
Amazing experience thus far!! You get to learn from people on the music scene, a very hands on approach!! If your looking for specific skill sets just let them know and they do everything they can to accommodate your request! Glen is a great facilitator and listener. Give the school a try!! - Rebecca Nazareth
I'm in the Ensemble class and have enjoyed every minute of it. Our teacher keeps us challenged and engaged with new pieces and provides constant support. My guitar soloing has improved 100% and keeps getting better. Love it! - Richard S. Todd
I have been playing the guitar for 14 years now, primarily self taught and always seemed to lack a solid foundation toward expanding my skills. Mind you I have been able to create and play a lot of my own music, but when you ask me the details of what I'm actually playing there's not much logic I can explain. After taking lessons at the Toronto Guitar School I can now see the horizon. I have been very impressed with the level of detail and guidance that my teacher Andre has been able to provide through my lessons. He is able to immediately see what kind of techniques I should be working on after watching my playability, and knows which exercises I should be working on to improve my playing, which will only get better if I put my own time into it, of course. - Justin A.
One of the cool things about being associated with the Toronto Guitar School is that it’s like a one-stop shop. You can get guitar lessons and lessons in almost any instrument besides guitar as well. They also offer songwriting lessons along with other interesting workshops, classes, and events. You can even get your music produced because the school is associated with Mint Music's recording studios. One of Mint Music's more recent studio success stories was a recording session that Glen Alan produced with Keifer Sutherland! - Ken S.