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Come and join one of our bands today
Toronto Guitar School is pleased to announce that our popular in-person Rock Bands and Ensembles program is back! 
Audition today via zoom or in person at our next audition.
Toronto Rock Band Performing a song with a female vocalist, male guitarist, and male bass player

Play in a Rock Band

If you want to play in a band, our Rock Band and Ensemble program is for you. One of the most popular electives after private lesson studies, the Toronto Guitar School’s Rock Band or Ensemble program provides an invaluable way to develop the musical skills necessary to play and perform with others. If you are a student at TGS, every effort will be made to place you in a band that matches your stylistic interest and skill level. If you currently don’t study at the Toronto Guitar School you are still welcome to participate so read on to discover how you can be a part of this exciting and popular program.

RockBands and Ensembles are an invaluable way to build on the skills one learns in a private lesson or a group class. Some of these skills are critical listening and the ability to interact with other players, as well as knowing what to play, how to play and when to play it.

Play in a band with like minded musicians
Select songs you like to play
Perform Live on Stage
Record your favorite songs

Fun and Affordable

The individual class cost varies from $20 to $35 depending on which ensemble you sign up for and the number of instructors in each group. For example, our most popular format is having a professional session drummer and a Toronto Guitar School instructor/multi-instrumentalist and is $35 per person with a minimum of 4 participants.
When a new group starts up participants only pay for one session up front. This gives everyone a chance to see if the group and program is a good fit for them. After that first session attendees are then asked if they would like to continue rehearsing on a weekly basis with their band. Once established all Rock Bands and Ensembles rehearse weekly and run for a school term.
Toronto Rock Band Drummer playing with a guitar player