Workshops are currently not available due to lockdown policies. We are working on offering them online and will update this page when they become available, whether online, in-person or both. Thank you for your interest!

Music and Voice Workshops at Toronto Guitar School


Upcoming dates when they become available will be posted here.

  • Alex Cheung Violin Instructor
  • Alexandra Bourque
    Alexandra Bourque Violin Instructor
  • André Valério Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele and Piano Instructor
  • Andrew Scott Drums and Rock Band Instructor
  • Benjamin Bullett Mortlock
    Benjamin Bullett Mortlock Violin Instructor
  • Bernard Julien
    Bernard Julien Drums and Band Instructor

    With extensive Live Performance & International Touring experience with major label artist(s), Bernard Julien embraced Pop music at an early age, as well Rock, Funk, R&B, & Jazz. This led to a strong hybrid approach to drums / percussion involving both the acoustic and electronic drums. Growing up in New York City’s hyper competitive music scene, at 19 years old Bernard (and friends) won a National Competition held by global Music Publisher SESAC & was immediately thrust into the professional world. He has 10 years experience of Touring Arenas, Festivals, TV appearances, & teaching in person. Now calling Toronto his long term home, Bernard champions speaking fluently in the language of music, along with reading & writing it.


    This is accomplished through a tailored approach that respects the many different ways people process information, as well as encouraging contextual learning through songs. He takes audio, visual, & tactile learners on an engaging fun journey with customizable exercises including Drumless tracks, rhythm exploration, & time breakdowns. Bernard strongly believes that all skill levels and genres can benefit from a hands on approach that seamlessly blends these methods to assist you in achieving your musical goals.


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  • Camila Milla Guitar Instructor
  • Carlin Nicholson Recording, Mixing, Production and Live Sound Instructor

    Carlin Nicholson is a Canadian mixing/mastering engineer, producer, and songwriter based out of Toronto, Ontario. He has been a studio owner for 25 years, working as a professional sound engineer and musician – he co-founded XM award-winning and Polaris Prize-nominated Arts & Crafts band, ZEUS. Trained at world-renowned Revolution Studio in Toronto, Carlin has worked on a multitude of albums and musical projects, including award-winning and nominated artists. Carlin blends his passion for analogue sound with modern digital tools, employing different techniques and various pieces of outboard equipment to suit the unique nature of each project.


    “A big thing for me as a professional engineer-whether it be mixing mastering or production work – is that there is never one method that always works. Part of the joy and excitement in professional sound is taking the time to discover what any given project may need to be its best, and then following your instincts to produce the best possible version of that material. Like in any trade, the skills are fundamental, and of course quality tools are necessary, but too often I see engineers putting the tool, reputation -or price- of any given piece of equipment before the basic need to make something sound great and the simplest way to get there. When faced with a challenge, I always encourage my engineers to throw out everything they know and approach the material from a listener’s perspective – to ask, ‘what are the 3 things about this recording that make it special?’ – and begin by embellishing those qualities.”


    Carlin Nicholson Senior Engineer | Pine Ship Sound


    Pliability and an approachable demeanour are at the forefront of every project Carlin works on. He takes time to understand the unique desires and tastes for how an artist or group wants their material to sound and be presented. He believes that even if an individual does not necessarily speak the technical language that professional engineers use, this does not make their opinion any less credible and does not diminish its significance towards making their product the best it can be. After all, the musical experience is a feeling that we are all attuned to in our own unique way; enthusiasts and professionals alike.


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  • Carlos del Junco Harmonica Instructor

    Carlos del Junco first picked up a harmonica in 1972 and got a taste of playing in front of a live audience at a student talent night, jamming on a couple Leadbelly tunes with his high school math teacher. While his first interests were definitely rooted in the blues, studying players like Paul Butterfield, Little Walter, James Cotton, he was also attracted to more progressive players like Lee Oskar and perhaps one of the most unsung heroes in his mind, David Burgin. Eventually after 15 years of playing, Carlos studied with Howard Levy for 4 years in a row when at Augusta Heritage Centre in West Virginia for the Blues and Swing week back in the late 1980’s. He also received a grant to study with Levy privately for 2 months in 1995.


    His first love has always been blues. To sum up his playing “style” as a “harmonica voice”, he would describe it as a marriage between early David Burgin and Howard Levy: a blues attitude with a jazzy sensibility. So, definitely a more progressive voice. His 7 full band recordings to date delve into all types of “roots music” which encompasses many styles of blues, jazz, New Orleans second line grooves, Latin, Ska, folk, “world music”.


    Carlos has over 30 years experience teaching both private and group music lessons, including workshops and master classes throughout Canada, Europe and the U.S. and online sessions worldwide.


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